If faith is a lifestyle, how will future markets evolve to meet those lifestyle needs?

Enhancing the Muslim Lifestyle

Muxlim is focused on the Muslim lifestyle as part of a diverse, all-inclusive world which recognizes and welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds who want to share, learn and have fun…Muxlim is an online community that fosters a friendly environment where users can enjoy fun, compelling and easy-to-use social media services. Our vision is to connect the world’s Muslim communities to each other, and to the wider world, through shared online experiences…

Provocatively, you don’t have to be Muslim to be Muxlim.  If a Muslim person in the future is imagined to be a digitally-empowered individual; the central node of a constellation of connection, what will that person need?  In the future, which elements of our needs will be informed by our faith and which by our wider cultural context?  Can the two be separated?  At Muxlim, the answer is no.