ChurchRater is a kind of Yelp for church-goers.

Folks can rate the churches they visit with a star system as well as comments of at least 25 words in length to give a sense of the  experience.

Upside: To me, the most interesting of ChurchRater is when a church leader will request honest feedback–as in the case of Prairie Lakes Baptist church in my home town.

As someone who has moved to a new community in the past year, I can appreciate how a site like this could be helpful for those who are seeking a new faith community.

It will have to reach a critical mass to be truly helpful, but it’s an interesting concept.  So far, some are paid reviewers while others are volunteers.  As for me, I still need to visit the community myself to get a sense, but this kind of transparency is good for the early stages of getting a feel for a place.

Downside: Seems to encourage the commodification of faith and reinforce the negatives of American consumer culture, as hinted at in this video clip with one of the founders, Jim Henderson.