Ever since Christakis & Fowler released Connected:  the Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives, social contagion theories and next generation social network analysis seems to be popping up everywhere.  It seems to be catching (dad joke).

The basic thesis here is that we are connected to each other in ways we have never realized (at least by correlation, if not causation) out to the third degree of separation…that is to say, I am connected to my friends’ friends’ friends.

Even though social contagion has gotten a bit buzzwordish,  it is broadly relevant to the inquiry of Allons! so it’s worth saying a few words here at the start.  Here are Christakis & Fowler’s 5 Rules of Life in a Network:

Rule 1:  We shape our network

Rule 2:  Our networks shape us

Rule 3:  Our friends affect us

Rule 4:  Our friends’ friends’ friends affect us

Rule 5:  The network has a life of its own

This framework will be great for shaping the discussion about spirituality, connecting, and beliefs.  Here is Christakis’ TED talk that introduces the basic topics: