Want to live up to be your best intentions?  Wish you hydrated yourself better?  Or that you were more consistent in taking your vitamins everyday?  Or that you made greener choices in terms of biking to work instead of driving?

Today, Brian Krejcarek of GreenGoose stopped in to Institute for the Future and a few of us got a chance to see the work he is doing in using sensors and a game-like online interface to nudge us into acting according to our good intentions.

The effort reminded me of the work of IfWeRantheWorld, which cheekily encourages people to “get off their good intentions.”

How will you program your world to live in accordance with your intentions in the next decade?

Green Goose, IfWeRanTheWorld and others are signals in line with our work on Mobile Health and the Future of Persuasion so we are intersted to see how Green Goose develops.


Note:  Also posted on the IFTF blog, FutureNow.