One of the great points Rudy Adler of 1000Memories made during his talk today at Institute for the Future was that many of us (particularly in socioeconomically-privileged, stuff-oriented perspectives) experience the shoebox problem.  Come on people, you know what I’m talking about:

Photo Creative Commons Licensed via Flickr's syntaxoflife

We have tons of cards, photos etc. we don’t want to through away.  However, we have lackluster modes of storage and review of these precious artifacts of our lives.  As I mentioned here, 1000Memories is an interesting company in this space with an emphasis on artifacts of our lives that are either:

  • in memory of someone who has passed away
  • our own digital legacy which we increasingly want to proactively shape

Another interesting signal to watch is UK-based firm, Sentemental (spelling variance intended).  Here is Sentemental‘s value proposition in this space:

  • Store your valuable greeting cards in one place
  • Digitize your cards, kids drawings and photos so they are safe from theft or fire
  • Share your memories with friends and family
  • Easily access your favourites whenever you want
  • Save details with each picture for easy access
  • Recycle your printed materials

The fault lines of this future conversation?:  Who do I trust to keep my cherished artifacts forever?  Who owns these artifacts once I share them?  Are you making money on my memories?