IFTF Ten-Year Forecast Director, Kathi Vian

My colleague, Kathi Vian is the type of person who can engage with the seed of an idea that you have, talk with you about it for an hour, and leave you with enough food-for-thought for a year!

As I continue to narrow in on what my research wants to be (have given up on force-fitting it into what I want it to be), I have zeroed in on this question, at least for today:

What is the changing role of religion in the human project?

In some senses, the sacred has gone underground in the past decades. It has been splintered and siloed to the point where it is not really factored into the basic decision-making processes of business and policy.  I am beginning to form a forecast around the innovations and disruptions that are plausible under these kinds of conditions.

Back of the napkin forecasts?:

  • the health & well-being impacts of spiritual practices will be an all-around game changer in the next decade.
  • techno-spiritual practices will be a zone for innovation
  • extreme religious communities will use technology in highly disruptive ways

At the end of the conversation, Kathi (in her infinite wisdom), suggested a possible title for this inquiry that has really stuck with me:  The Disruptive Sacred.