In the next decade, will parents “immunize” their children against the stresses of life by teaching them meditation?

By 2021, will it be seen as irresponsible of parents to not fortify their children in this way?

This metaphor of meditation as immunization is an interesting one, and I anticipate we’ll see more of this kind of conversation moving forward.  Jon Kabat-Zinn suggests this metaphor in the following short video clip.

For a more lengthy experience of Jon’s work, see my recent post about of his interview with Krista Tippet.  The metaphor they use for that discussion is to think of meditation as a spiritual technology.

A couple of other highlights of this short video:

  • Physiology of meditation:  meditation works on the chromosomes, cells, brain, and organ systems (including the immune system), emotional regulation etc.
  • Meditation & brain plasticity:  with meditation, the real estate of the brain is being recruited in service of greater compassion, equanimity, clarity & wisdom


Thanks to Jean Hagan, for bringing this video to my attention!