At sundown this Friday, March 4 the 2011 US National Day of Unplugging will begin (powered by Reboot).

Think slow, think sabbath (Abraham Heschel is my favorite thinker on the Sabbath, with his discussion of sanctified time).

To nudge themselves into changing their behavior, some participants will purchase a sleeping bag for their phone.

Others may use the recently-released Sabbath Manifesto app in order to help them to live in tune with the principles of this effort:

1.  Avoid technology

2.  Connect with loved ones.

3.  Nurture your health

4.  Get outside

5.  Avoid commerce

6.  Light candles

7.  Drink wine

8.  Eat bread

9.  Find silence

10.  Give back

As IFTF continues to explore the balance of slow and fast in our lives at our upcoming Ten-Year Forecast conference, we will continue watching this space.  For more on the Sabbath Manifesto app, see NYT article:  “An App That Reminds You to Unplug.”


Thanks to Jason Tester for the link!  Note:  Also posted on the IFTF blog, FutureNow.