Signal:  Gottafeeling

What?:  Gottafeeling is a mobile app that asks you about how you’re feeling, who you’re with and where you’re at intervals during the day.  A la Quantified Self, it then provides a data readout to see what % of time you spend in each emotional mood, with some context provided.  The idea is to provide emotional feedback loops so that you can 1) become more aware of your emotions and 2) make different decisions based on this awareness.

So What?:  This and other emotional mirroring systems (think:  Rationalizer) build from some of the research on social contagion.  Innovations like these nudge people to spend more or less time in certain environments, or connecting with certain people based on the data it gathers.

Impact Areas:  Workplace environments, community organizations & religious groups, Quantified Self lead adopters