This article provides an interesting glimpse into some emerging pockets of Judaism, highlighting how groups within the continuum of the Jewish religion are re-appropriating Jewish rituals, stories, and symbols to speak to their needs today.

Though this is not a very systematic analysis of emerging Jewish identities, it provides some interesting signals of new cultural and religious mashups; a sense of the fragmentation of Jewish identity, echoed in other religions in the past decades.

In the US context, the “personalization” or “customization” of religion seems to be a trend that results as much from our cultural movements than from any phenomenon inherent in the underlying religion.  From Punk Torah to G-DCast, this article provides some interesting examples of new constructions of Jewish identity.


Today at 2pm pacific US, internet-connected Second Lifers could take part in a Maundy Thursday service with others from around the world on a virtual island called Epiphany Island.  Here is the vision of the community:

Our aim is to: be church for you where ever you are what ever your circumstances.

Our vision is to see God glorified in Second Life.

To see Christians from different countries and theological persuasions come together to serve and worship the Lord.

To see the Anglican Church engage in relevant, meaningful and contemporary ways with the society around it.

To offer those involved in Second Life an experience of a God who deeply loves them and seeks a relationship with them.

To be a community who are known for their love and care, and their preparedness to serve others.

Imagine experiencing religious rites with others by viewing & communicating with their avatars…How does community feel different when experienced in this way?  How might it change a religious practioner ‘s understanding of the divine?  How is it liberating to those who shy away from conventionally religious spaces?  How much will online spiritual experiences grow in the next decade?

If faith is a lifestyle, how will future markets evolve to meet those lifestyle needs?

Enhancing the Muslim Lifestyle

Muxlim is focused on the Muslim lifestyle as part of a diverse, all-inclusive world which recognizes and welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds who want to share, learn and have fun…Muxlim is an online community that fosters a friendly environment where users can enjoy fun, compelling and easy-to-use social media services. Our vision is to connect the world’s Muslim communities to each other, and to the wider world, through shared online experiences…

Provocatively, you don’t have to be Muslim to be Muxlim.  If a Muslim person in the future is imagined to be a digitally-empowered individual; the central node of a constellation of connection, what will that person need?  In the future, which elements of our needs will be informed by our faith and which by our wider cultural context?  Can the two be separated?  At Muxlim, the answer is no.